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After the foundation, your roof is the most important piece of your home. It’s the silent shield that protects your family from dangerous weather and powerful storms.

Our skilled team has experience in handling virtually any roofing need, both Residential and Commercial. Some of the services we care for include:

  • Roof Inspections
    • At Archstone Roofing, we can give you peace of mind with a no-commitment, comprehensive inspection of your roof.
  • Storm Damage
    • We specialize in assisting you through every step of the insurance process. No more stress!
    • Repair to damaged siding, patios and sheetrock
  • ReRoof
    • Energy Efficient Asphalt Shingles
    • Wood Shake roofs
    • Metal roofs
    • Tile roofs
    • Flat roofs
  • Leak Repair
    • Incredibly fast response time. Stop damage before it becomes more serious!


  • Gutters
    • Inspection
    • Installation
    • Repair
    • Cleaning
  • Skylight
    • Installation
    • Repair
    • Cleaning
  • General Contracting
    • New building construction
    • Building additions
    • Large-scale Renovations
    • Interior and exterior painting


We only use the highest quality products to help you enjoy the benefits of an Energy Efficient roofing system. For example, we never install traditional tar paper. Instead, we use a high quality synthetic underlayment that acts as a durable secondary barrier against water. Unlike traditional tar paper, synthetic underlayment is much stronger, will not rot, buckle or crack and can weigh 6 times less!

Do you have STORM DAMAGE? Let us take your stress away! We specialize in assisting you through every step of the insurance process to get you the best deal possible and save you money.

HONESTY: Our highest value is giving you what you paid for and more. We are trusted by and are honest with our clients.